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Earthwise Garden Rototiller: The Answer To Garden Tilling

The Earthwise Garden Rototiller is one solution to the following question: What size powered tiller is best for the garden, a large gas powered model or a smaller more compact electric model. Well, it depends on the scale of the areas you want to till and the nature of the terrain you want the rototiller to work in. It was also featured on Lawn Care Pal’s List of best rototillers.

As an alternative to hoeing or shoveling over by hand and in confined spaces, clearly, you are better off with an electric powered model that is relatively light. The Earthwise Garden Rototiller is ideal for working up such areas. More importantly, it is soundless, and because of its compact nature is very easy for people of all strength levels to maneuver. As well, it takes up a minimum of storage space.

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Although rototillers like the Earthwise Garden Rototiller are designed to rework soil that has already been worked up. There are stories where lawn areas have been rototilled successfully and where hard compacted areas have also been successfully worked over. I guess it means there is a bit of “suck it and see” for the user. But one thing for sure they are not toys.


Of course, the beauty of electrical tools like the Earthwise Garden Rototiller is that all you have to do is plug them in and turn on the power. You almost have a guarantee that when you flick the switch, they will start. This is in contrast to tales you hear of belligerent gas-powered machines that have a mind of their own and test the physical fitness of their owners as well as their mental stability.

The Earthwise Garden Rototiller weighs 27 pounds so provides sufficient weight for the job it is designed for, and with an 8.5 amp motor it has enough power to do a good job without overdoing things where the engine’s health is concerned. It has a generous tillering width for a small rototiller which is 11 inches, and the depth of its tines give it a good working depth of 8.5 inches.


With dual, four blade cutting tines made of steel, Earthwise Garden Rototiller will provide for an efficient tilling of the soil. The wheels can be raised and lowered without the use of a tool, and tines can be removed for cleaning using a 13mm socket wrench.

Of course, because of its light weight and compactness, the Earthwise Garden Rototiller can be used as a serve up to weed and “hoe” flower beds and the vegetable garden.

  • Earthwise Garden Rototiller Specifications
  • 120 V / 60 Hz
  • 8.5 Amp rated motor
  • Cutting Width 11 inches
  • Cutting Depth 8.5 inches
  • Double 4 Blade Steel cutting tines
  • The Earthwise Garden Rototiller weighs 27 pounds
  • There is a two-year limited warranty
  • Earthwise Garden Rototiller Reviews

Well, the Earthwise Garden Rototiller seems to be a pretty popular choice. For those that have purchased and used it 85% gave it a five rating while 11% gave it a four which means that an impressive 96% were happy with its performance.


Most users were impressed with the price with some people saying the amps to dollar ratio when compared with other electric rototillers on the market was excellent.

The Earthwise Garden Rototiller was easy to assemble with assembly time taking between 15-20 minutes. It involves a Philips screwdriver some screws and some wing nuts which you and tighten.


The handle position of the Earthwise Garden Rototiller is spot on according to users and allows easy manipulation of the rototiller while working. The design of the handle is also sturdy.

Most users were impressed how easy it was to use, even on hillsides it could be managed easily. The fact that the wheels could be raised and lowered without tools was a bonus and made moving the Earthwise Garden Rototiller from place to place easily. But some users stated that using a heavy duty extension cord is important to reduce the risk of the engine overheating – 12 gauge is good.


Interestingly, several users have mentioned that they have used it to break in grassed areas with some success and others have said that it works well in hard compacted areas. One technique that works well is to drag Earthwise Garden Rototiller back and then let it run forward again.

One user was moved to say: ”….cut into the Tennessee sod and stones pretty actually.”


Some thought the cord retainer of the Earthwise Garden Rototiller might have been a bit severe. Others mentioned the gap in the rototilling caused by the gearbox being a bit of pain, but this is a problem with most rototillers. With a compact unit like the Earthwise Garden Rototiller, however, this issue can be minimized by moving or swaying from side to side, so an “S” pattern is formed and you catch that little bit in the middle. But one owner suggests that to do a real job with any soil cultivation it does pay to either cross till or overlap each row.

Therefore, with all the positive reviews and comments we have seen in our research, we would strongly recommend the Earthwise Garden Rototiller in Position 1.

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