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Shower Diverter Valve - Most Vital Part of Any Luxury Shower

Some of you may be wondering why I am writing about Shower Diverter Valve? Quite simply, it’s because the shower valve is arguably the most important fixture within your shower tub system.

Okay, so what is a shower diverter valve? In most cases, it is a two-way valve that controls the flow of water either to your shower head or your bathtub spout.


The valve will allow water to flow through your tub spout, or it can be set to divert the water away from the tub spout and through additional piping to your shower head.

Generally, the shower diverter valve can be found in two varieties. The first type is a rotating handle that controls the diverter valve, while the second type can be a push-pull control with a kind of notched rod serving as the handle.


When shopping for plumbing supplies for your home it is important to pick a shower diverter valve that will not only match the style of fixtures that you’ve chosen but will also stand the test of time. It’s no fun having to replace one after all of your fixtures are in place.

This article will discuss a number of popular and well-designed shower diverter valves, and Shower Diverter Valve Information Center will also explore the best values in bathroom fixtures generally.

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Alsons 4922PK Shower Arm Diverter

This model is an extremely popular one at Amazon. It has received mostly positive reviews. This two-way diverter is designed for the use of a shower head and hand shower independently. It is all brass for durability but has a chrome finish.


Hand-held shower systems were first introduced to the market in 1958. Since that time the Alsons company has been leading the way, revolutionizing the way, America showers. Today, Alsons has a portfolio of hundreds of distinct models.

If you’re a designer, remodeler or builder, you will have your choice of handheld showers and shower heads and dazzling variety from Alsons.


Alsons 4929PK Flip Lever Three-Way Shower Arm Diverter

This Alsons model features a three-way shower diverter valve. Its flip lever design will allow you to use either a hand shower or shower head independently of each other or both at the same time.


It also has the durable brass construction with a chrome finish.

Danze D130000BT Single Handle 4-Port Shower Diverter Valve

For more complex shower systems, this Danze model will fit the bill. It is a four-port shower diverter valve system designed for use with half-inch water supplies.


This Danze Four-Port Shower Diverter Valve will allow you to not only operate a standard showerhead or hand-held shower independently but also a body spray system all from the same pipe. It features an eight position valve which will serve up to three different shower systems. A simple attachment to your existing shower arm pipe makes installation easy. You can switch between the different components or use them in any combination you want.

The Danze company has been a leading manufacturer of fine kitchen and bath fixtures since 2001. Their product line now features over 1500 functionally well-designed products. This includes more than 100 different models of faucets spread over 15 different collections.

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