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Take A Hike And Burn Impressive Amount Of Calories

Being a popular outdoor exercise, hiking is both enjoying and helpful for the mind and body. Hiking makes the whole body and mind sound. So that the persons who hike regularly can enjoy a better life than the others.

Beside Psychological Benefits of Hiking, it has physical benefits. Having extra calories in body is a common problem now a days for most of the citizen.


Hiking is preferred as fabulous activity that burns the extra calories of the body as well as build muscles.

Hikers cannot even realize how technically they are exercising by burning their calories without their attention.


Burning calories

Hiking is full of fun and an enjoyable workout for calories burning. A new hiker will be amused by the rate of burning calories in his or her body and he doesn’t even work for that. Hiking associates to have great and wonderful experience with the facility of burning calories which leads losing weight.


If anybody carries a medium weight backpack, the person can comfortably enjoy the hike and his exercise will be also effective. Here in this article, you will find the calories burned by hiking and their measurement.

Calorie burning hiking requires staying away from excessive foods. You should not take a lot of food with you while hiking as they make backpack heavy and give you discomfort. By this way you will find losing calorie process easy and comforting.


As a hiker, you can take some extra food for some safety reason. Burning calories doesn’t mean taking no food as this will make you weak. You can have food in enough quantity that you can handle.

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Calories burned through hiking

Amount of burned calories rely on the weight of backpack that the hikers carry while hiking in mountain or forest or in snow. Weight of the backpack assists hiking to help hikers for burning more calories. As walking also helps to burn calories, hiker can lose their calories by not taking any backpacks though.


Just the hikers have to search for the right hiking place and they need to make decision where they can be benefited most by burning calories through hiking with or without backpack. Here is some certified information and measurement of burned calories through hiking and it has been differentiate by backpacks.

Calories burning with backpack

  • 125 pounds of weight burn 403 calories per hour
  • 145 pounds of weight burn 485 calories her hour
  • 170 pounds of weight burn 557 calories per hour
  • 200 pounds of weight burn 625 calories per hour
  • 225 pounds of weight burn 660 calories per hour

Calories burning without backpack

  • 125 pounds of weight burn 343 calories per hour
  • 145 pounds of weight burn 415 calories per hour
  • 170 pounds of weight burn 497 calories per hour
  • 200 pounds of weight burn 556 calories per hour
  • 225 pounds of weight burn 585 calories per hour

Here we can see the difference that hikers can burn more calories with backpack instead of without backpack. But try to eat healthy food and go hike regularly in a period base. You can be strong and a new man after hiking by burned calories. You will be more feet than ever.


Do not forget to backpack properly and take some extra food in case of any accident.

Take care.

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